Post Donnie Thoughts

This weekend we will rest from training as our teachers are in Jakarta to meet and have teacher’s training course with TheSensei. As such both of us decided to have our date night last night with a movie watching Donnie Yen in TheLegendOfTheFist:TheReturnOfChenZhen.

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As much as I like DonnieYen, no… correction. I love Donnie Yen especially in the last two WingChun films he played as IpMan. Last night’s choice of movie was solely based on the fact that DonnieYen was in it. The husband loved the movie while to me, it is just another Sino-Japanese war film, Donnie’s presence in it notwithstanding. But the film was way too graphic, on the atrocities of the Japanese war. There were some hilarious moments ala Hindi movie as well, like Donnie fought and won the entire dojo of the Japanese martial artists and how, when at the very last moment when he was to fight the Japanese general, muscles suddenly bulged out of his whole body ala incredible hulk. I let out half a guffaw when I felt the husband’s humongous hand cupped my mouth in his attempt to shut me up.

During the film, my mind wandered a bit. My late grandfather lived through the Japanese war and in my primary school days I remember his rendition of ‘Jepun jahat!’ ‘Jepun zalim’, referring to the atrocities done by the Japanese soldiers to the locals, especially the Chinese.

Hence, I do wonder sometimes, had he still been alive today, what would he think of the very fact that I, his first and most coveted grandchild, is married to the first and most coveted grandchild of a former Nazi.soldier/Nazi.female.youth.winger who were part of the Axis forces together with the Japs, and both of us are devoting more than half of our time learning the ancient martial art of the very people whom he called ‘orang jahat’ ?


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