Right equation

The Reader’sDigest junkie that I am, I came across, in one of their issues from the yesteryears on how the Banofee Pie got its name. Since then, I have constantly been in the lookout of this particular dessert in cafes or cake shops wherever I may be.

I finally found it, a couple of years ago in the DELICIOUS chain of restaurants. And I can go around eating other desserts but will always come back to this at any other times. I am not sure how the better ones would taste like since I’ve only tasted the ones by DELICIOUS. But the dessert itself, banana and melted toffee as a pie filling with cream and chocolate swirl, can never ever go wrong.

You believe?


2 thoughts on “Right equation

  1. Hiya,

    If you are into baking and fairly savvy with baking tips, you could try this version.

    1) Crust –

    Crush 10-12 Digestive cookies to the size of grains of river pebbles, mix in 1.5 tbsp brown sugar, and 1/4 cup melted butter. mix well and press into baking ring. Bake blind at 180’C for until set and without darkening. Cool.

    Melt 1/2 bar of fave dark chocolate (minimum 60% Cocoa), add in 1 tsp corn oil. Spread thinly onto cooled pie crust bottoms and leave to set (this will become the anti-soggy pie crust!). Save balance chocolate.

    2) Cream filling –

    Boil an unopened can of condensed milk for 4 hours to caramelize. set aside boiled unopened can to cool. Whip to stiff peaks heavy cream. Midway, add a small pinch of salt and 5-6 tbsp of the caramelised (more if you arent averse to SWEET tastes) condensed milk. Divide cream into 2 bowls (ratio of 1.4 to 0.6) . One bowl remains plain. The other is mixed with the saved melted choc. Chill.

    3) ‘Meat’ filling – Make closest to assembly

    Slice your fave bananas (as much as you think will fill the pie crust), I prefer ‘Rastali’ for its slightly acid and astringent taste. Mix with 2 tbsp condensed milk. This will help prevent browning.

    4) Assembly –

    Fill readied pie crust with a layer of the white cream. top with sliced bananas. top with choc stained cream. carefully top whole pie with remaining white cream and smooth mound.

    Dust liberally with good quality cocoa powder (this is essential) and Roses made out of rolled toffee candy (that cheapish chewy type).

    Serve chilled with the darkest, strongest, most evil cup of black coffee!

    Hope you enjoy this version.

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