The Quandary of a Gadget Goondo

9 months down the road, I had to eat up my own words or risk losing clients. I had resisted for a long time and pondered even longer about the ‘not so gadget smart me‘ getting a smart phone.

I was not the only one with this dilemma, the husband– who is also not a gadget savvy person, had stubbornly remained true to his classic ‘text and call’ for as long as I can remember, until of late, when his work gets busier and it is really not so smart of an engineer like him in managerial position not to own a tool in which he can check emails on the go in this day and age. As for myself, I just had to succumb to it for work purposes as I realized (again, in this day and age) it’s not professional to keep leaving clients with ‘I’ll check the docs when I get back to the comp later’.

So there we were, two gadget goondos– went out on our lil excursion to get ourselves the blackberry bold on sale for Rm 999, only in the month of September. Moments before that, I looked at the husband and said, ‘ I’m feeling a little nervous’ and when he replied,‘ I feel more nervous than you!’. There and then I knew we were made for each other. Two souls probably stuck in the stone age where technology is concerned.

As I am typing this, the two boxes of blackberry bolds are STILL sitting in my haversack, untouched. The husband has gone to do some reading (a book, I may add–not from an iPad or Kindle). I have gone straight up to our home office to check my mails, the good old way of logging into my gmail on the desktop computer.

I suddenly feel so ‘suaku’. Life was so much easier in the 80s/90s ain’t it? What happened?


7 thoughts on “The Quandary of a Gadget Goondo

  1. :)your resistance to new technology seems so familiar…its just that my husband is so tech savvy. He had wanted me to get an IPhone (instead of a bberry which was free!) and I threw a tantrum at starhub because I got so fed up. Thereafter, no more mention of Iphone.

    Given a choice, I would have preferred a non smart phone during my recontracting but the only free one was the one I was already using. The only other free phone left was thefore the bberry.

    It will definitely be useful for you if u need to check mails on the go. But for me, it killed all excitement of checking my mails and blog the old fashion way. I used to look forward to logging in to hotmail and checking my blog for comments and occasionally to log in to facebook too.

    Anyhow, enjoy your new phone! 🙂

  2. The title of the book is “Talking Jane Austen in Baghdad” right? Saw it in the bookstores before…but do check out

  3. Rozas,
    I found it at Borders @ Orchard yesterday.. but didn’t get it in the end. Not something I thought it would be so that will KIV till year end leisurely read…

  4. well touchphone texting makes me look like a bumbling idiot with bad spelling, and the kids hog them half the time.

    them digital natives sure take to it way better then we, digital migrants, do.

  5. I am STILL fumbling with the BB.. despite buying and doing the tutorials from the BlackBerry for Dummies book and I am in awe with anak ko punye ‘natural-I-am-So-at-home-with-iPhone’ slick movements on your phone!

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