Liberate thy soul

When Tito was hospitalized, she still nursed her kittens even though she was in great pain. And she fell ill when two of her kittens, Schpecky and Skippy were stolen. And even with the remaining Eka, who is quite a teenage kitten and almost going to be as big as her, she still licks Eka as though that is her newborn kitten.

The day before yesterday, on Twitterland, the image of the long tail macaque monkey who adopted a kitten in Bali was fast and furiously tweeted and retweeted. And why not, as it is indeed a remarkable sight. Pictures can be viewed here

Hence excuse my disbelief when I woke up yesterday morning to the news that in Shah Alam, a baby was found in a paper bag, wrapped in a piece of cloth and hung onto a signboard? Like if animals can be so merciful to their young and the young of others, what on earth are these supposedly civilized creatures of our planet doing to these innocent babies?

I had written a Merdeka day post here  some time ago, in praise of this place which I had called home for a few years already. But of late, I am beginning to feel restless here, the very place I adamantly defended in the face of many a mockery sessions by outsiders who couldn’t see the beauty of this place as I had. However, in recent times due to many occasions and incidences (such as the above), many things are reaffirming the worrying social state this country is in. I guess, in the words of Malcom Gladwell, I may have  reached the tipping point.

Hence my wish for Malaysia’s Merdeka day this year is for the country to be veered away from going down into the gutters– socially and politically. For the social ills of the country to be solved from the roots, for the ills of innocent babies being thrown to be stopped and for naked capitalism to stop dividing the rich and the poor further than the already existing large gap.

Despite the disappointments I may personally feel, I stand by my grounds that this is indeed a God given beautiful country with beautiful people. However, more often than not, the beautiful people of this land are either standing helplessly watching this country being brutally raped socially, environmentally, politically and academically and/or are the rapists themselves and/or are too divided for personal gains and glory to push away their own differences to move together as a nation.

And that, I feel is such a pity, for a country with so much potential as this one.

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians.

p.s If Tunku is given 24 hours to come back tomorrow to see the state of affairs Malaysia is in right now, I really wonder what would his post-mortem comment on the current state of affairs would be.


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