Of late, I have been wishing that I am a full Australian citizen with the ability to vote in this year’s election. Because since 1 vote does make a difference, I would like mine to go to the Green Party and support their efforts in garnering politics towards environmental causes, away from the tiring ‘same ole same ole’ issues, amongst other cynical things. They are not only exhausting, but would deem irrelevant if the one earth we all are sharing is dying a horrible death.

On that note, we found the perfect school for our kids, if only we have any. Said to be the most natural school on earth, The Green School provides education in the most basic and natural environment as possible, teaching the kids sustainability in every aspect of living from the toilet habits to classroom teaching to living habits.

Image taken from here.

There were other schools which caught our attention in Europe, especially the naturschuler in Germany and Sweden, whereby kindergarten classes are held in the forest regardless of season and weather. We have also seen several schools in Jakarta adopting this nature school concept called Sekolah Alam, whereby 70% of the syllabus are carried out outdoors in nature.

However, none of them, in our opinion measures up to the Green School. The rest just teach children on the importance of nature and conservation and hands on approach in learning about all things pertaining to nature. But this Green School impresses us because they teach children about sustainability and energy conservation and how to create a learning/living infrastructure which is in tandem with what our earth needs and in total respect of other creatures sharing this same planet we are all on.

It is a school I would very much love to teach in, but until the husband completes his contract with the current company AND if circumstances would permits us to even consider it as the next pitstop, I would just have to be contented in admiring it from far.


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