Wear and Tear

When I changed into my gi upon arrival at the dojo yesterday, I suddenly felt a bit gleeful when I noticed that the gi pants were not fitting anymore. It was loose. But my glee was short-lived and even put me in momentary dismay when I realised that it was not my own gi pants that I was wearing. It was my husband’s. False hope.. *sigh*

Anyway, when I went onto the mats to do my warming up, I suddenly panicked. I remembered this was the gi pants which I saw him stitch the other day because it tore in the middle, not unlike Aziz Sattar’s one when Pendekar Mustar was teaching them silat 101. His stitches were of course not strong enough and many a times during training, we sometimes caught the sight of his boxer shorts underneath, especially when he was doing the ukemi. So my panic was no unwarranted. It is Ramadan, and letting other dojo members have a sneak preview of what I have underneath is really not  flattering on their fasting souls.

Luckily he was my first ‘nage’ or sparring partner and I urgently whispered if he had sent this pants for proper machine sewing. He had, and I was relieved.

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