A vet is to us as what a pediatric is to normal parents. And yesterday is another visit to the vet yet again, this time for Milo.  He had been vomiting since two days ago and whatever he ate, came out an hour later, semi digested. On the first day, he simply let it out without warning. On the 2nd day, he actually tried to wake me up by pawing on my arms and face, trying to tell me that he was going to puke. But sleepy head me took a while to register what was happening and by the time I was well aware of my surroundings, he had already let it out on the bed near my leg, and looking at me with a face that said, ‘Well, I tried… but you slept like log..’

Ramadan tests came in means and ways, one of them being changing bed sheets stained with cat vomit, amongst other things.

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