I was home alone last night when the husband left to iftar at the masjid followed by terawih. As usual, for energy saving purposes, I turned off all the lights in the house when I’m alone except the one at the master bedroom where I was reading. The cats were all with me, except for Milo, who was probably somewhere in the house where he can get warmth. It was raining outside so it was cold and breezy.

I heard my handphone ringing outside. It was on the dining table and I dragged myself off the cosy comforter, tossed Jane Eyre aside and sleepily walked into the darkened dining room. I didn’t bother switching on the lights because I could see light from the screen of my handphone. I then saw who was calling. Oh her. It was her name on the screen. I was about to answer it when I did a double take. Her? Wait a minute… isn’t she ? Hasn’t she.. errrm passed away earlier this year?

Hmmm. I stared at the screen. Dag dug dag dug I heard my own heart beating. Could it be really her? But she has passed on right? I had that momentary split second moment of ‘anything can happen in Ramadan miracle thingy’. Blame it on my hyperactive mind.

I answered, gingerly saying ‘Hello’. It was a man’s voice…He went on to say that he is the husband of the arwah and since last year he sent arwah to collect cake lapis sarawak from my place for their relatives, can he still get some cake lapis sarawak from me this year… ???

(haiyaaaahhhh! Anti-climax sey)

I let out a HUGE sigh of relieve and a silly giggle. I told him I got scared seeing the arwah’s name on my phone screen thinking she had called me. He laughed saying he was using his late wife’s hp to locate my number and used the phone to call me.

There I was, in a weird way thinking I could be having a chance at a sneak preview of a paranormal/spiritual incident this Ramadan, when all it was, was an inquiry about cake lapis sarawak from the husband of the arwah.

Me and my hyperactive mind…*sigh* always!


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