‘3 lima ghirey’

There’s something I find endearing about toothless-ness in babies and old people. It is something about that ‘gummy’ smile that looks so adorable, either brightly innocent for the babies or wise with age for the elderlies. And for that, I always ended up buying kerupuks/kuih rose/bahulu from the toothless nenek kerepek outside the Maybank which I frequent, because all she needed to do was give me her toothless smile and say ‘3 lima ghirey’ ( 3 for Rm5) and I would end up with a bagful of snacks I don’t need.

Anyway, today is Indonesia’s Independence day. A country so queer in its own ways and yet lovable in a way I cannot explain. A country whose biggest contribution to the world (through my eyes that is) is the humble (yet extensive array of) sambal and domestic helpers. Speaking of which, I have two of them (helpers), part-timing as I am typing this down, braving the Ramadan lethargy to clean my house for their survival on foreign soil.

I think the bagful of snacks from the toothless granny would serve its purpose as Independence Day gifts to these two helpers. It may not be much to me, but it could be a day’s meal for them.

Dirgahayu Indonesia. You have taught me to be thankful for all that I have and reminded me to be shameful of all my unwarranted whinings.


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