A friend M, who is younger than myself but has been married slightly longer had an outburst over in FB to me, with regards to the current social ill here in Malaysia where babies are thrown in the dustbins, drains etc. This friend and her husband had been trying to conceive for as long as they got married, but to no avail. So it is understandable that she got pretty upset with the heart wrenching news of innocent babies getting thrown away in a heartless way.

Last night I was discussing about this with another friend. She asked, where is the root of this problem? Is it the educational system? Is it the law? What is it?

I took time off to watch the Travelling Light Series which we bought when Shaykh Abdel Hakim Murad was here. In the set, there are 4 dvds, each discussing on each teaching by the great Imam Al Ghazzali. I managed to watch through the first dvd in the set, ‘The book of Repentance’. In it, Shaykh Abdel Hakim Murad said something which, in my opinion can be the key to solve the above mention problem, from the root.

He said that we should stop blaming the system, blaming the country, blaming this and that authority. Because the biggest authority is within ourselves. And he went on to say,sort yourself out and slowly you will see the society around you will get better’.

That’s the problem, I think. Most of us are too busy to sort ourselves out that our individual mess stained our families, in turn our community, passed on to our society and finally our country.


One thought on “Ripples

  1. i’m trying to sort out my family, but truly, on this sunny island where u left behind, I cant find any information. oh woe.

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