Butt then…

I had to close my eyes most of the time at terawih yesterday so that I could focus on the prayers. I was on the first line of the women’s section and two rows down in front of me were the men’s side. And there was this boy, around 10 or 11 years old who couldn’t stop scratching his butt and I happened to notice it the first time round and quickly looked down. But then again he did it every 5 min or so, that it became something quite distracting. So I closed my eyes, but the damage had been done. Even with my eyes closed, I couldn’t control my hyperactive mind from wondering about how itchy can a pair of butts be for him that he had to do that often, and why were they that itchy in the first place.

Kusyuk is very difficult to attain, especially for a mind that scoots off every other minute like mine.


4 thoughts on “Butt then…

  1. Hang on you mean you can see the Men ? your all in the same room (as the Prophet did) ? That would be so controversial here in Aussie land and they claim that it is because “that is how it is done in Muslim countries” and we have to be like them. Women have to be kept hidden away, it’s Haram, Haram !!! LOL πŸ˜‰
    That is why I have been banned from the Islamic centre twice, for refusing to pray behind a heavy curtain, that not only blocks the view but all the fresh air and the sound, how do you pray when you can neither hear nor see the Imam duh !

  2. lepak ahh…

    last nite was babysitting the nephew while the rest did terawih (maklum lah, tgh ‘holiday’..). baby nephew scooted to his dad and patted his butt during sujud. he also took turns yabbing to his mum and grandma during prayers – rite in their faces. i was left terkekek-kekek in the sidelines. dnt blame me, i just cldn’t keep up with si kecik tu running ard!

  3. Khadija..
    OHHHH I remember that heavy curtain at the Islamic Centre! I just prayed there one day for Asr without drawing the curtains and Sabrina came and hurriedly pulled the big heave curtain across, as though I had broken a rule… heheh
    Our mosques have separate section but the one I went to, the curtains like we had at the Islamic centre was drawn away so we were a good 2 metres away from the men and can see and hear the imam properly… But yeah.. mention the Islamic Centre and I remember it fondly, haha

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