To win

Last night I saw the scales and it showed that I am 500grams lighter. I’m sure that was just the water bit out of my body, nevertheless, I was gleeful. Sad case, I know… but I made a crazy bet with a cousin back home that if I can reach my ideal weight of between 61 to 63 kg come raya, he would give me $100. Likewise, if I don’t, and if he does reach his ideal weight based on the height/weight calculation, I would have to give him $100.

That alone is quite a motivation. I am certainly not going to lose hands down– SGD$100 (thats RM 230!) to a Kep.pelfels engineer with a 5 figure bonus. No way hosay!

So for the first day of Ramadan, we had our iftar at the surau at the next neighbourhood. I ate about 5 dates and a litre of water slightly flavored with ribena. We went to the dojo right after maghrib, did our isya’ together followed by terawih and trained till about 11pm. It was only at 11.30 pm that I had a quick bite of half a meal at the mamak’s around the corner to our place. Sahur was 3 ajwa dates, 2 glasses of ribena and a small mug of milk coffee.

With that sahur, I lasted the 2nd day of Ramadan yesterday. Iftar was again at the same surau. I had dates and a liter of water slightly tinted with ribena, a fish (ikan kembung I think), 3 spoonfuls of rice and vegetables. This was followed by terawih and after that, I had ‘moreh’ (what they call post terawih meal here) which was half a chapati. For sahur a couple of hours ago I had 3 ajwa dates and 2 glasses of ribena and a steamy mug of milk coffee.

By calculations, if I continue this way and training goes on as usual, I might be able to win this challenge. I refuse to even look at the festive bazaar Ramadan happening in our neighborhood, let alone set even a toe in it. If I do, I know the hell for gluttony would just break lose, Ramadan notwithstanding.

So Enal, if you are reading this. Eat your hearts out kiddo.

(and prepare the $100) . 😛


4 thoughts on “To win

  1. Wow! If you can go on like that till end of ramadan and weigh lesser than 61 kg, you should ask for $200!!!

    On a completely separate note, I bought the Girl with dragon tattoo this afternoon. Belum sempat baca…but it was on sale at popular for abt $11 each (normal price $17) and the sales girl was suggesting I buy all 3 books but I didnt. Now on hindsight, maybe I shd…is the story really good and worthwhile I buy all 3 u think ? Coz the sale ends today!

  2. i find it very engaging and that’s why i stopped reading when Ramadan comes so that i won’t be distracted from the things which i am supposed to REALLY do in this month, and also so that I won’t be tempted to get the other two.. hehe

    And I think if you want to save money i suggest you buy all 3 so that if u dah hooked on the first one, you have e cheaper versions of the other two!

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