Inception moment

Last night I dreamt of my late grandfather. My late yayi. He was still strong and sturdy just as I how I knew him when I was a little kid. I dreamt  that he was in our usual noisy gathering back at home and yet he had something to tell everyone. And when it came to my turn, he said,’ Jangan cuba sangat’ or something like that. Basically, the message  he was trying to get through me was that not to try too hard for something. I had wanted to go into his arms and hug him but I woke up.

It is not even Ramadan yet, but only eve of it and I already got my first spiritual lesson, me thinks. That there are some things in life I should work on because its success is within my reach. But there are other things which no matter how much I try, it is not for me to decide but to pasrah and redha to the One up there who decides.

In any case, it was an awesome pre Ramadan gift. It was great to see and ‘talk’ to you again, yayi. Even if it was just in my dreams. You looked great. Just like how I saw you when I was a little girl.

Thank YOU.


3 thoughts on “Inception moment

  1. It’s always very comforting to know that we have a guardian angel watching over and guiding us. A few days ago, a large brown moth flew up to me and kissed me on the cheek just as I was having my noodles in the restaurant. It then settled near me but the waiter chased it away. The next morning, I opened the door to go to work and it flew into my hotel room and stayed for two days. I dun know the significance of this but one of my colleagues said that it represented the spirit of a loved one from the past. So I called it Aunty Madge, after my beloved grandmother *lol*

  2. Andreaaaa….
    Mengikut Malay Old Wives tale.. kalau ada kupu-kupu masuk rumah.. ada orang nak datang masok meminang… tapikan memandangkan ko dah ada laki pon, I shall go with your guardian angel Aunty Madge story.. tee hee 😛

  3. Hey friend,

    Guess what? Last night after I left that comment on the moth in your blog, I went to sleep and thought nothing of it.

    This morning, as I was getting into the car, I saw a similar moth to the one in HK, resting by the side of my garage wall. *Aaaarrrgggghhhhh*

    Mega goosebumps, yo!

    As expected, I just couldn’t resist blogging about it 🙂

    But am hoping that it’s all good. 🙂

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