Count on me

It is 10 minutes past midnight on the 9th of August and I just sang Majulah Singapura with gusto, to whisk in the 45th year of  Singapore’s independence. The husband, who doesn’t share the same nationality as me, rolled his eyes, probably because I was squawking at this wee hour of the morning.

A cousin tagged me in one of her notes in FB for her assignment in which she was supposed to submit a National Day article with the title ‘Saya mencintai Singapura kerana…’, basically a collection of thoughts and feelings from the general crowd on why we love Singapore.

I didn’t reply to her request. It is not an easy question to answer by just  lip service. And to answer it in one or two sentences would do injustice to how I really feel about the island nation where I was born and bred, with all those memories — both good and bad.

Anyway. Just like last year where I met up with friends from back home who are residing here to have our mini celebration, I would be doing likewise this year, while everyone else would be feasting on the grand celebration at the NDP2010. Wearing red and white. We shall do what Singaporeans do best. Eat lor….

And can I be honest? I don’t like this year’s NDP song although its music video ain’t too bad.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Btw, will there be another simultaneous pledge taking? Can someone back home kindly sms me if there is so we can participate? heh .. so deprived liddat.


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