Losing the plot

I was at the Cine/leisure the other day buying tickets to watch The Last Airbender, which was really crappy and B- grade– when I chanced upon a brochure on which was printed “Ramadan Specials! Two Popcorn Combos for the price of 1” and other Ramadan offers which of course included discounted prices on tickets for watching movies and tempting food discounts.

I find it strange. Firstly, in a country whose constitution states that Islam is the official religion of the majority and that in Ramadan, Muslims are caught and put in jail for eating in public, there are ‘Ramadan specials’ such as these and the numerous ‘Ramadan buffet’ adverts on display — merrily too, as though Ramadan is the month to be merry with eat-all-you-can and what you want’, instead of its true meaning of abstinence, prudence, remembrance and cleansing. That Ramadan is made into an advertising tool to promote the otherwise and allowed openly too, doesn’t it make this country appear paradoxical to outsiders?

Secondly, in the last few Ramadans I have spent here, I have yet to see a general campaign done as aggressively as the ‘Ramadan Buffet/Ramadan Specials’ adverts which promotes the beauty of Ramadan in a ‘non-preachy’ manner e.g talking about the health benefits of fasting and the beauty of giving tithe and what it can do to a society etc, (which we have back home) to explain to the general public on the essence of Ramadan and why it is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith. Why not here?

But then again, there are many other things which I find strange here as well. Like the recent bill to allow teenage school kids to marry, as a measure to ‘solve’ the problem of having babies thrown into the dustbins. Would marrying them off while they are still in school solve the problem of horny teenagers? Would it stop them from copulating at a young age? Will a nation of ‘married Junos’ be raised a decade down the road? Would these school going mums get maternity leave of absence from school for 60 days?

Losing the plot, I reckon.

But anyway, still on the topic of strangeness, I find it strange that I am currently intrigued by the mafia world right now. It all began with the coming of The Girl With Dragon Tattoo into my life, which opens up a whole new world of Swedish Mafia to me, hence adding on to my already consistent Swedish fetish. It’s really very engaging!

Image taken from here.

From Swedish to Japanese mafia, both the husband and I are now currently very, very hooked onto GOKUSEN, this Japanese serial about a high school teacher who is also the 4th generation Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) lord.

Image taken from here.

It’s hilarious, touching, deep, inspirational and laced with many eye candies as well. I have a couple more days to wean myself off all these mafias before Ramadan comes. It would be a tad too unholy to let them distract me, ain’t it?


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