Feet on the five foot way

We went to Melaka for a day trip, doing the Jonker Walk which we could never get enough of.

Before leaving for Melaka, first stop, at Raju’s one of our favourite places for breakfast. At Jalan Gasing, PJ

Crispy and fluffy Roti Canai. I had two of these

Churtney on vadeh

Welcoming us to Melaka

We’ve arrived, no doubt

Masjid Kapitan Kling. Mosque with Chinese architecture, one of the many we found throughout Melaka

Whatever they were queuing for, it must be delicious

Where we can find quaint cafes

This reminds me of the song P.Ramlee sang with Latifah Omar in the film Anakku Sazali..’ Mari.. mari cik Adik.. mari mari cik Abang.. mari kita berdendang… sipinang muda’

Ancient Library?

Quaint Cafe Calanthe. With kerusi Pak Awang and zaman dulu setting.. I loike!

Gula ketuk. Candies I used to buy at the void deck when I was in Pri school.

The old ahpek trishaw rider who can speak fluent German and made us giggleWhat’s going to Melaka if not to have authentic Laksa Nyonya ?




Fusion. Ice-blended chendol. I am traditionalist at heart but this ‘bida’ah’ is hasanah.. heh 😛


2 thoughts on “Feet on the five foot way

  1. Percicilan,
    Thank you for the wish. Selamat Berpuasa to you too.
    The fluffy roti chanai looks so delicious. Did you get it at Raju’s? The place looks like a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy the teh tarik and roti chanai, eh?

  2. Thanks Kak Siti.. May this Ramadan brings goodness for all of us.
    And yes, this roti canai is at Raju’s. A great breakfast place under the trees.. it’s at PJ near La Salle School… :))

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