Mind matters

That Ariadne girl in Inception was Juno wasn’t it? I prefer Ellen Page in the Ariadne character in oppose to Juno, which is the very ‘sharifah-amani-trying-too-hard-but-stagnant’ actress syndrome.

In aikido, we learn to ‘enter the opponent’s mind’ by using their energy flow and redirect it to them so that they can help us to defeat themselves. But that’s only at one level. Inception showed us another thing altogether. What I found awesome about the movie is that they explored the possibilities of tapping on the power of the subconscious minds further and deeper that it becomes a dream within a dream.

Sometimes I do wish I could do that. To be able to enter into somebody’s mind and extract information/thoughts/memories from it. Cool kan? And if I could, my husband would be the first one to run away from me, I think.


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