To do

Collin’s classics are selling for Rm 9.90 at MPH and during a tea date with Al before I left for Jakarta, we treated ourselves to some. I got Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, a text I did while I was in college. And Emma, also read during those two hormonal A levels years. Currently at chapter 3 of Jane Eyre and  it is still as engaging as it was when I was studying it as a text, although I am not sure whether the reason for it to be engaging is the same. Back then, it was the text and to be fully engaged in it means to be prepared for the exams. Now, with every page, it is as if I travel back into those college days, the memories, the angst, the issues, the puppy-love, the final teenage phase–all seems to be flooding back in.

And as for the rest of the books. Well, lacking in focus is not something new about me. Hence, I read many books at one go. I am a chapter into My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk, two chapters into The Economic Naturalist, How Starbucks Changed  My Life and The Almost Moon. I’m only at the post-intro part of iMuslim by Gary Bunt and have yet to even begin on Emma which I bought and Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Brown- which I got as a gift from a guest.

Last night, I bought  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the only book I bought with the MPH voucher I got as a club member. I have no idea why I bought it in the first place, perhaps because I saw a girl on the KLM flight reading The Girl Who Played With Fire and I got curious.


4 thoughts on “To do

  1. Hey, I like jane eyre! Enjoyed the book vry much! And I also got those rm 9.90 classics from the mph at jb!

    But this was probably 2 mths back that I went to jb. The mph sale still on?

  2. Ermm I guess so. Ending end of July. But I think the Rm 9.90 offer will forever be on?
    When I was in Jakarta my MIL was here for housekeeping and cat-sitting, she has her own copy of that exact same Rm 9.90 Jane Eyre from Collins and she claimed that’s the only English book she has read more than 10 times since she first started learning English when she was 17. So now we are reading the book simultaneously and sometimes bitch about the same character. Since they are fictional, that’s like err ok? heh 😛

  3. If you and your MIL enjoy Jane Eyre, then do check out Daphne Du Maurier’s (DDM) books too if u haven’t. Very strong bronte influence. “Rebecca ” and ‘My Cousin Rachel’ by DDM were my favourite reads in sec 4.

    Do update about the girl with the dragon tatoo. I heard rave reviews about it but the title and the mafia theme just not enticing enough for now!

  4. Rozas, I was confirmed about my fetish for all things Swedish. Move aside Ikea, The girl with dragon tattoo brings about the whole new world to Swedish mafia… hehe
    It is dark but interesting

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