Tape Goreng from Rumah Makan Solo near Bintaro. Fried tapai, fried till crispy and eaten while it’s hot. The best recent discovery!

Called Sosis Solo. Their version of popiah. I cannot remember what it is made of, just that I remember the way Yosy ate it was one bite of cili padi and one bite of this. For a chili lover, it tasted like heaven on earth, believe me.


4 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. I never did get used to tapai. but the goreng version is something new 🙂

    your addiciton to akido is like my sons (both) addiction to karate. they teach at UITM now 2ce a week and Z teaches at 1 utama on teh weekends….maklum la belum lagi dapat keje. when they get a job there will be another dessert for me to make as a celebration …LOL.

  2. wow wonderful. btw, are they twins? they kinda look like a pair of twins…
    but i want to try your latest dessert lah it looks easy AND yummy. kalau buat time iftar at our house mesti berbaloi, kan…

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