Just woke up

I am done with folding the huge pile of washed clothes which had been parking in the back room for a month, since the beginning of the World Cup tournament. My schedules and routines have been seriously in shambles throughout the whole tournament and as I look back, it has been a ‘once in a four years pattern’ since I was in school.

I remembered in the one of the 90s  World Cup, Mrs Ang- my Maths teacher threatened me with a month’s detention for failure of doing any homework for 2 whole weeks in July, and for skipping school with no valid reason when Brazil was playing Italy in the finals. Of course my father was well aware of that (except for the homework part, he allowed me to skip school during the finals because I guess he knew I would not be able to function in school anyway so why bother? heh).

Now, with both my teams out in the running for finals, it is just one more match for 3rd/4th placing for Germany. I would of course watch the finals between Netherlands and Spain but since I am not supporting any of those two, it would be of no event. So yesterday, I took a good look at my house. A huge pile of washed laundry was waiting to be folded. My cats stank to the high heavens and should be showered. My work station needed to be cleared. Wardrobes should be sorted out. Premixes used for cooking should be stopped. The fridge needed cleaning, to be made free of junk food I’ve stuffed my face with throughout the whole tournament. My World Cup stickers/sticker book needed to be sorted out and I seriously need to catch up with the ironing.

It’s like coming back home from a month long break, with the back to life, back to reality feeling.

Waka waka eh eh


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