Danke und Tchuss….

Ok that’s it. The World Cup is as good as over for us. For me half of it was over when Argentina was out, but they were ousted out by my other team Germany so it was still alright. But since the German boys have been ousted out ten minutes ago, leaving Spain and Netherlands to fight in the finals, which I neither support nor like, it is as good as the whole competition is over for me, at least.

Looking back at all the news articles at the starting of this World Cup, the German boys were the underdogs, written off even by their own press and general public. Being young, inexperienced and also captain Michael Ballack not playing due to injury, they were never expected to go beyond the first round, by the most vicious critics in Germany itself. A bunch of young no hopers who played without pressure and probably in their mind just to gain enough experience and exposure till they mature for the next World Cup.

But they proved everyone wrong by reaching the semi-finals. If a bunch of young inexperienced boys reached this far after bigger and hot favourite teams like France, Italy, Argentina and Brazil were driven out way before their time, I guess these young boys did alright.

Oh well… till the next World Cup. A souvenir I love from this World Cup is Shakira’s waka waka video. To the German boys: Es ist okay, Jungs, sehen Sie die World Cup in vier Jahren bekommen Zeit…Wir immer noch lieben und unterstützen Sie, ja?


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