No, Maradona

The Friday I was back in SG was like back to my earlier days a decade ago. Meeting up friends one after another and then coming back home in the wee hours of the morning with my mother sms-ing ‘what time are you coming back?‘. Seems like my ‘zaman hooray-hooray days’. Because I had gone back first before the husband, who had to work late on Friday and had some event at his former post-grad campus.

Rubz, and myself were at  Changi Hotel over cuppa at midnight, with the celebrating Oranje fans, who were delighted their team beat hot favorites Brazil. It felt just like the old times. 3 of us, late nights, Changi Village. Plagued by feelings of utmost deja vu. Probably because we all live apart. Rubz in Dubai, myself here and only is still in Singapore. I felt a tad lousy because the Oranje team won, because I don’t like them. But whatever happened to Brazil?

When I got home at 1.30 am, my mother was waiting, just as she did on those younger days when I often broke the time limit to reach home. In those days, she would wait up for me and almost as immediately after I stepped in, would blow out an earful of her pre-rehearsed-in-the-mind naggings, which I would try to escape by going into the shower. Which of course, made her angrier. heh. I experienced nothing of that sort that night… she just grinned with the ‘enjoy eh laki takde…’ comment.

Early Saturday morning after sleeping through the 2.30am match, a couple of friends and I planned to go cycling at EastCoast, but the rain dampened our plan and we ended up in Geyland market instead, where I had my fix of bihun soto with 3 bergedils and chili padi, washed down with sirap bandung. Nice catching up with them again and later, out of vanity, we went back to their place to change outfits to meet up with our ex-colleagues at the airport. It was Ya Kun Kaya time and omg, the shredded toasts with chocolate dips were yummeyy. And we also had cheesy french toasts which were syiok, to say the least, made more flavorful with the latest gossip about our old work place. heh 😀

We left the airport at 1.15pm thereabout and I was sent to Simei East Point where I was scheduled to meet an old and very close friend, who gave up her teaching career to be a SAHM and now a tupperware agent. I ordered my first set of tupperware from her to show her my support, although deep down inside, I felt the horrifying image of  turning into ‘makcik-makcik tupperware’ stabbing right into my liver, haunting me with the ‘the makcikfying era is coming’. Yikes. :S

The husband was supposed to have arrived and was meeting me for lunch (LUNCH? What was YakunKaya? ok that was snacks..phew) but he was late so I went about shopping for nonsense, before deciding I’ve had enough and went on to wait for him at Banquet. When he came, I had Fu Zhou fishball noodles with lots of chilli padi, my all time comfort food.

We then went to my Nyai’s place, where I discovered, to my dismay, she could hardly recognize us anymore. She is not so aware of her surroundings now and the once upon a time matriarch who handled her family with an iron fist is now a meek baby-like elderly. 😦 I am not used to seeing her this way, but it served as a reminder that soon, my own parents would be like that and later on, myself.

Bapak called later on for a family meeting over fishhead curry at Sakunthala. The very reason why we both went back last weekend was for my sister’s engagement. It was going to be a small immediate family affair but nonetheless, he wanted us home to be part of the receiving ceremony for the ‘groom-to-be side’. Like ‘I‘ know anything about ‘merisik, bertunang’ and all that? Needless to say, the discussion on the engagement ceremony was a tad blur on me, because it goes without saying, the fishhead curry at Sakunthala was beyond delicious–my sister could be flying to space and I would still be blur- dek pekena kari kepala ikan.

We made it a point to reach home before 10pm. The husband quickly changed into his no 13 Germany jersey while I changed into Argentina. Although both are my favourite teams, I had the last laugh thinking that Messi could create havoc in the German boys side of the field. I was so wrong but in a happy way. Imagine if Argentina had won and Maradona parades around naked.

So eyuuuuuuhhhh.


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