Friends + Food = Awesomeness

I wouldn’t change that for the world.

For the record, thank you from the deepest dungeons of my heart to those who made my musical chair meet ups yesterday a beautiful experience..

A for the 1.30pm meet up at Swensons Bugis

Al for the 3pm late lunch of Hajah Maimunah nasi rawon

O for the 4.45pm tea of Velvet Cake and Berries smoothie @ Food For Thought

K for the 6pm pre dinner date halia teh at Jalan Kayu Plaza Singapura

Z&Z for the 8pm dinner of Beach Road Tulang

R for the 10pm supper of Changi Village good stuffs

JJ for the midnight coffee at Changi Village hotel

Today I feel like an overfed dugong with a huge smile across my face. Thank you for being wonderful. I love you all, really, really!


2 thoughts on “Indulged

  1. Miss P, I laughed so hard reading this! Lol
    I tell you why. When I initially read it in a hurry, I thought you were listing your foodie adventures spanned over a few days. Then when I looked at the timeline, it hit me that it all happened in ONE day!!

    Waaa… champion la you! LOL!

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