The ball is round and whiny Carrie

It was really a nice feeling waking up today after an hour’s sleep with a big grin across my face. Why not, when my two favorite teams, Argentina and Germany qualified for the quarter finals and will be playing against each other. And that means, I am guaranteed of at least one of my teams in the semi-finals by hook or by crook and that’s really nice.

We watched the Germany-England game at the mamak restaurant near our house and it seems half the neighborhood had the same idea. It was choc-a-block and we were lucky to be early to be able to plonk ourselves in front of one of the 4 big screens they provided…

We got this close to the tv screen, I was ready with my chocolates and pokka green tea and my halia sarabat. Unexpectedly, those who were here, were NOT English fans! So when Klose scored the first goal, the whole restaurant went into a frenzy, much to our delight. And it roared again when Podolski scored the next goal and by then we were pretty sure, we had chosen the right tuft for Germany supporters. When Matt Upson scored the first goal for England, only one voice was heard shouting and cheering and it died down as quickly as it started, probably that man was being self-conscious that he was one of the two English supporter that night in the Germany camp. 🙂

Even the wrongly disqualified goal by the referee against England did not seem to stir the crowd where we were. But when Mueller scored in the 67th and the 70th minute, many rose from their seats, hands in air and the shouts of “GOALL!!!!’ was both hilarious and deafening, not forgetting fun! When the game ended, the crowd stood up and gave a standing ovation for Germany who played beautifully despite their young age and inexperience. We left grinning like a Cheshire cat after a good meal. An English meal, more like it… 😛

Back home, I tried to take a two hour nap but I couldn’t. RTM1 would be showing the Argentina vs Mexico game and would I want to miss watching Messi in action? Of course not! So more coffees later, I was thrilled with a field full of (ehem good looking) latinos and especially amused by my old time favorite now coach, Diego Maradona. If there is the clown of the match award, he should win it hands down. 3-1 by Tevez and Higuain and I went on to take an hour’s nap after the final whistle, mindful to wake up at 6 or get caught in the jam to Subang.

It was such a beautiful day, perhaps because I was smiling and grinning like some doofus on on the street. But as the saying goes, smile and the world smile with you. It is Monday after all and after a long string of things for me to do, I rewarded myself with SATC2. It is hilarious with witty dialog but in this one, compared to the first one, Carrie grinds on my nerves with her whining and her incessant neediness and self-pity in the first half of the show. So much so that when she asked Big “Is this because I’m a bitch wife who nags you?, I had that sudden urge to shout out YES YOU ARE Carrie, get over yourself!

But of course, I didn’t.

I love the development on Miranda’s character here. In SATC1, she’s the mess, but in this one, she cleans up the mess and I love the way they turn her character around into someone happy and empowered. Between Miranda and Carrie, I see Miranda as someone with issues, but level headed enough to handle it without making it into some huge drama, while Carrie, bad enough she has issues, she is also an emotional mumbo jumbo who turns things around into a reason to self-pity herself. Big must have a biiiggg heart. Otherwise, it must be tiring to live with someone like that, I think.


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