Aglio Olio with Tuna Chilli Padi and a whole bunch of Thai chilli padi. Not for the faint hearted


6 thoughts on “(Homemade)Lunch

  1. Eh you have a new look! Love it! I was a little puzzled at first wher the post ends n where it begins BUT NICE!!! love the colour background n design. its abstractness is lovely

    I must cook this for lunch too…looks so good m hungry again.the cili padi part tht makes it sooo xtra good .

  2. Hehe…
    Thanks. My photo didnt do justice to the aglio. Not that I want to say the aglio is soo good cos i cooked it, BUT, anything with chilli padi is enticing kann? hehe

    Anyway, I was in D’lish Bangsar Village one a few days ago, and their pasta is damn good I must say!

  3. can u share your recipe for the pasta? I hv recently acquired a liking for aglio olio but the one time i cooked it, didnt taste right!

  4. Hahaha…. so how much Thai pepper do you add to the pasta? Is it hot enough to power up the whole bulbs across the archipelago?? It is an appetising recipe though, and an appealing gastronomic pic too. Good job! 😀

  5. A bunch, around 7 or 8. This one was mild to my standard. The one that almost killed me was when I used Maldivan habaneros. Now THAT was da bomb…

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