4 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. OMG! now see what you have done – I feel famished and that nasi lemak izzit? looks so sedappppppppppp!!!! I just hope that they are going to serve something at least close to that at this function which I have to attend tonight. Otherwise, I’m so going to ta pau from Kpg Baru on the way home. *ish ish*

  2. Miss P, tengok gambar ni, adoi… lapaaaaarrrrrrr!!

    And I just ate!! sigh……cam mana tak jadi tempayan, ya!
    heEeeLlllLpPpPP!!! 😛

  3. Jemput makannnn.. heh.
    Ni kat Little Penang Cafe The Curve… paiti dia sedap…
    I must say I like their sambal belacan.

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