Jag är trött (I am tired)


5 thoughts on “Jag är trött (I am tired)

  1. The little one is called Eka, he just lost his siblings, Schpecky and Skippy. We dunno where they went and him being Skippy’s sidekick yowled himself hoarse till he fell asleep next to his uncle…

  2. Schpecky and Skippy are gone?!!! Mowrrrr….!! If i can feel so bad, who can imagine how Eka feels :((

    p.s. Did u check? Maybe they’re hidden at my place.. hehe i wish!!

  3. Ok this was what happened.
    On Monday, during maghrib or about that time, I was cooking while the 3 of them were playing catching in the garden. Which they always do lah petang2. Then I went to pray and at about 8ish, my hubby got home and it seems only Eka was around, the other two were not there. We thought they were hiding in the bush which they always do and fall asleep there. But by 10ish, when Tito started yowling her hearts out jumping here and there, we knew something was wrong and we realised they were missing. My hubby went to look all over, takde.

    We gave it up to the next day. The next day, Tito went berserk to the point she got sick, almost 24 hours after her 2 Schpecky and Skippy went missing. I went for a few rounds around the neighbourhood pun tak jumpa. I even upah the gardener to look for them as she goes to many houses to cut grass, pun tak jumpa. So we pasrah lah. Meanwhile, Eka yelled and yelled for Skippy, his bestie until his suara serak. The toys he shared with Skippy he had not touched since Monday. He also got sick sampai muntah-muntah…

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