Of Jaden and the underdogs

We had wanted to go and watch the Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith in it on the day Germany played Serbia but all the tickets for the movie was at 9pm or 8.40pm, which would mean we would miss part of  the match, so we decided that another time will do.

So we went yesterday, with the other aikido couple and their 3 year old son. When the movie started, it stated there on the screen that it is PG 13, so how we managed to bring little A who is only 3 years old in, without any checks or reprimands was yet another Malaysian paradox we laughed at.

Prior to watching this movie, I’ve read several reviews about it and many were unflattering. But I wanted to watch it anyway because it is Karate Kid and the sentimental value of it all dated back to Sensei Miyagi and Daniel of the original movie in the 80s. But I left having to agree with the unflattering reviews because I didn’t enjoy the movie. Jaden is cute, but he is not a strong character for this role. Many sub plots were left untied and I also felt that Jackie Chan’s character a tad to weak for a serious role. To me, he is most effective in comedies.

Anyway, we enjoyed the company and the dinner thereafter where I had my first taste of ‘Kari Hantu’ at the Little.Penang.Cafe. The ‘lauk-pauk’ were delicious. Prior to that, we had gone to buy some pirated books ‘buy 5 free 1’ and the other couple bought their son a pirated le/go set from China.

There was this band competition or whatsoever going on where we were and there was a large crowd. I stopped there for a while to take photos. Some were Zee.Avi wannabes, some were really good and waiting to be discovered while some were there just for the fun of it, myself included.

Went home to the news of New Zealand scoring a goal against Italy. Seriously, this world cup is exciting because of the rise of the underdogs. Awesome.


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