Morning cocktail

I was in a friend’s car last week when she suddenly sighed as we stopped at the traffic light. She said that she could feel the aging process catching up on her (she used the phrase ‘proses penuaan’) and commented on how, at 37, she can really feel that age does matter and that she felt far from her agile self as when she was, once upon a time a girl in green uniform like myself.

I agreed. These days, I found myself surfing around for supplements and vitamins and whatever else is there in the market, getting all interested about things called collagen and antioxidants etc. Those words which never even made it to my vocabulary bank more than a decade ago now excites me. Vitamins, which were things I thought old people like my mother and grandmother should take, now line my larder.

Now when friends meet, the topic of what supplement we are taking, sneak into our conversation like an invisible snake we never noticed, but it’s there.

For the record, I am taking flaxseed oil, habbatus saudah oil, herbs like curcumin, ‘paramaria’, ‘tuju angin’ and Transfer Factor-Cow’s Colostrum. It’s like a cocktail of capsules taken every morning. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I just didn’t bother taking especially when we travel. Sometimes I really wonder if I ever need them at all.


2 thoughts on “Morning cocktail

  1. I dont think you need them. I mean, people have been living to a 100 years even before supplements existed. Just eat well and in moderation and live happily and instead of wrinkles, you’ll get delightful laugh lines and age gracefully. At least, thats what I hope will happen to me. Ha

  2. 100 years ago where the food were sans preservatives, harmful chemicals, pesticide laden vegetables, stabilizers etc etc etc… 😛
    of course, they didn’t need them back then, I think 😛

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