Half time, 2-0 and I realized I’ve underestimated this German team. With or without Ballack.. with or without Klinsmann.

I love the calm and composed way they tactically play. As if they were calculating each and every move precisely and as anal as they could be.

Germany and Argentina finals?
That would be my day…

* Final score 4-0. And no I don’t think they can be in the finals yet but promising team for the future! And this young chap Muller, I am pleasantly surprised by him…

Tonight it will be Japan.



3 thoughts on “Ole-ole

  1. i know of someone else too who’d give an arm and a foot for a GER-ARG final, too.

    i personally fancy the german jersey more than the belang-belang of the south americans. almost makes me sound bimbotic, kan.

  2. wah u follow ke? i dengar buzzing tu dah pening dah…LOOOOL…..my boys n hub will only watch brazil or argentina intensely..n then I will watch too just out of curiosity. otherwise Ill be forgotten.

  3. Nymph…
    HEhhehehehe… the jersey girl eh? ;p

    Mata dah macam panda and i am on the over the limits with coke and keropoks. I tell myself, once in 4 years, boleh lah tu..

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