Vuvuzela horns sounding

I used to have Diego Maradona’s full page poster as the back cover of my biology textbook back in secondary school. Mr Lam Peng Kwan used to walk around the lab observing if we were doing our experiments correctly, with his long metal pointer or his wooden ruler. He would stop at where I was sitting and ask the same question each time he saw the back cover of my textbook.

” Who is this? Why you put his picture? Handsome meh? So fat. Not handsome lah! Bad taste girl!”

I couldn’t do the ‘whatever‘ hand sign to him, I wanted to pass my Biology practicals, mind you. I just gave him a half smile with the thought cloud above my head which says ‘At least handsomer than you lah sir!’

Maradona and biology textbook are not to be a subject of Freudian analysis here, but suffice to say, I was a fan and in those days when I was not so bogged down with life’s priorities (read:childhood+teenage years), I used to follow his soccer career via Shoot and 90 minutes magazines, bought with precariously saved pocket money from the ever famous newsstand, KNA.

Just now, I think I just robbed my elderly neighbors off their peace and tranquility with my shrieking and yelling and shouting and booing when Argentina played Nigeria and Maradona was at the sideline as a coach. It was an exciting game and Messi.. Oh Messi!!! I won’t say I would follow him like I did with Maradona, but tonight, Messi didn’t mess anything up at all and that was awesome. The goalie from Nigeria was my man of the match! He messed  up Messi’s attempts too many times that kept the score to 1-0.

I’ve got my keropoks ready. I got my kopi-O ready. I got my pepsi max ready. I’m ready for US-ENG match…

Oh! Look.. I even have a snoring husband already!


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