Early Morning Buffet

This morning, I went to a buffet and came out of it early. Now, that’s very unlike Mdm Foodie me? But that’s because the buffet didn’t serve any food for the tummy, but rather, food for the mind.

Yeap. It was the Scholastic Book Buffet. I’ve always been using Scholastic books and teaching aids in my lessons. And I have a whole collection of them through my years of teaching . So when I got news via FB Events that this book buffet was going to happen, I blocked out all other engagements for today.

For Rm 49.90, we could grab as many books as we were able to into this small carrier…

At first glance, it was actually tiny. But I told myself. I could do this… read: apply light travelling techniques.

True to the nature of the people from my country, I arrived way earlier, before the Mall itself even opened, what more the Book Buffet! Here, the first few Scholastic staff are getting ready, while I strategised… heh

I do wish they have more titles

And better crowd management. Seriously! I was so annoyed at the inconsiderate individuals who grabbed soo many books, placed them on the floor and selected the titles they wanted from there. They blocked the traffic and didn’t allow others to have a peek at the titles. Kiasuism in one thing, but bad manners is another thing altogether!

My loot! I paid for two bags. In one bag which I got for a friend, I managed to squeeze in 24 books. At Rm 49.90, that should equate to around Rm2 per book? And it’s Scholastics books, goodness! That’s a real bargain, aye?

In my 2nd bag, which is for myself, I got award winning teenage fiction and other thematic books for teaching. In total, I got 18 books. At Rm 49.90, that would be about Rm 2.80 per book? And award winning titles at it? Holy cow!


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