Kitchen (R)aid

I couldn’t sleep, so I just had some strawberry cream cheese slapped in all generosity onto Japanese rice crackers. I had four of those. Just when I was reaching out for the 5th one, I empowered enough conscience to make myself stop. And stop I did, before I wake up tomorrow morning with a huge imaginary banner over my head which spells R.E.G.R.E.T.

How did Nigella Lawson do it? How can anyone constantly raid the kitchen on many nights, guilt -free like she did?


4 thoughts on “Kitchen (R)aid

  1. So proud of you, Miss P! For resisting the 5th piece, you are allowed to have 4 more pcs of crackers with them killer spread! LOL! I am so not helping, eh? 😛

    I wonder the same when I watch Nigella. How could one work around FOOD and stay so trim! And to think too, that at one point she was slightly on the heavier side…. grrrr! UNFAIR!!!

  2. Pat,
    She trim ke, heavier side ke.. she is still curvy and jambu lah wei..
    Kita kalau heavier side jer dah macam tempayan. Buruk beb..

  3. Salam dear,

    Good on you for having the gumption to stop (but just one more probably wouldnt hurt), now I a serious case of the munchies!

    Btw, Nigella doesnt and thus the results of her nightly larder raids are showing (on her rear! hehehe!). She looks good because she is in love with food (bless her heart) and the ever present careful camera angles!

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