The Bully at the Playground

One of the pillar concepts of Budo is that to defend what is the rights of an individuals from being unjustly taken by anyone. A student of Budo would not attack for the sake of attacking. To that, we learnt in aikido that we do not attack at any given time. We are not allowed to provoke or fight. We should only use the art to defend. To defend the rights of ourselves, to defend the rights of others in the face of injustices.

In the traditional concept of war, there is no honor if one party is taken ambushed unaware. Both parties must be ready to fight on the same level ground in a neutral place and only the warriors would be involved in the war, and no one else. That’s also the concept of honor as propagated not only through Budo, but  also simple common sense.

Hitler once said, ” I killed all the Jews in this world but left some so that you can understand why I killed them“. I used to think that quote another  as one of his macabre sense of humor.

But yesterday, the Israelites who did what they did to the Flotilla, somehow proved that there in a point in the quote after all. They have no honor nor integrity. They have no shame. They terrorized and get away with it.

*Time to boycott Zionist goods conscientiously yet again. I had not been too disciplined with it, but after yesterday, I don’t think I need any more reminders.


2 thoughts on “The Bully at the Playground

  1. Your hit/ler quote…I had been thinking about that recently…would the world be a better one, for us and our fellow brothers and sisters if hit/ler didn’t do what he did? All things happen for a reason. God works in mysterious ways.

  2. iknowyoufromyouremailhoho, 🙂

    In no way am I saying what Hitler did was right nor do I condone it… hmm Just that I saw a point in it yesterday. Anyway it is the Zionist movement that puts, what an otherwise be an ordinary peace loving Jew’s reputation at stake here, maybe?

    I have a friend who married an American Jew (who became a Muslim when he married her) and he is one of the nicest person I’ve met.

    But the Israelites and what they did is a totally different story altogether, I feel. Terrorism is terrorism and they are the biggest terrorists who got away with just every terroristic acts and can STILL manage to wiggle themselves out and put themselves in a good light, through the media they control– and get away free.

    It is something, which I learn both in Islam and in Budo, you cannot accept. One cannot accept the infringement of one’s right without standing up for it because then, you do not respect the rights HE has given upon you.

    On another note but same tune, I did read an article once, when I was in Europe about the overplaying of the whole Holocaust incident by the people who control the media now. It was an academic paper if I am not mistaken, where the writer, an Armenian, who was involved in the world war as a volunteer soldier wrote that what the way the movies, stories, articles and whatever that is written about what was done to the Jews were a far cry from what really happened, and they were very adamant about getting world sympathy on what was done to them, so that it would overshadow/eliminate altogether what they did to the rest. The same spin doctors type of people we see in this Flotilla incident, kan?

    I can’t remember where that magazine is right now and am not sure if I even brought it here. But it was a really eye opening article, relevant to what happened yesterday…

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