6 weeks old, today

They turn 6 weeks old today. A far cry from the gooey things we rushed to the Pet Hospital on a Sunday morning 6 weeks ago, with their placentas still attached and their mom’s uterus hanging out her back, fresh blood dripping.

Today they are a triplet of cute healthy kittens, thanks to the nurses and the vets of the Hospital Haiwan. Till now, we couldn’t thank the nurses and vets enough for their round the clock work to save these 3 critters and their mother.

Skippy, the first born of the triplet. We named him after the cat character in the children’s book Skippy Jones Jones. And Skippy is a carbon copy of that cartoon Skippy Jones Jones, other than he has this perpetual ‘Lebai Malang’ expression on his face

Schpecky, the middle kitten. She was pushed out after Skippy and immediately, Tito, her mom placed her at the husband’s armpit while he fell asleep on the floor waiting for her to push Schpecky out. So Schpecky’s first smell is that of a human and she has been having an identity crisis since then. She thinks she is human. Other than for milk, she doesn’t go with the brood but walk around following humans all over.

She is a foodie, a vivacious character. When she is not screaming, eating or strutting around the house like some big primadona, she would be climbing anything or bullying Eka, which is half her size

Eka. The last to come out, the tiniest of the lot. The one who melt people’s hearts with his innocent look. He likes to watch TV, specifically news. He can stop playing if the tv is showing news or advertisement and just sit in front of the tv staring at the screen. He also likes to watch the husband prays. On that accord, he was pushed out of his mom on the praying mat because I ran out of rags to clean the blood mess in the room during the birth process….


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