What for?

Two days ago, for work purpose, I read a psychological journal on the issue of concepts, definitions and manifestations. The writer of the article pointed out that in any situation, people can readily argue about a certain concept, without even understanding its definitions.

For example, a group of teachers or academicians or even laymen at the coffee shop can talk about and argue for hours over the issue of (for example) if intelligence is an inherited trait or it is something that is acquired or it is something that can be worked on. But ask a person to define what is intelligence in the first place and very few can demonstrate the same coherence as they could with the concept of how intelligence came about.

Just a minute ago, my friend shared an article on her FB page. About the boring ol’ topic of human rights, freedom of speech and reacting to the freedom of speech of others. I like this article because I find it  to be discerning and in the same way as the writer of the psychological journal I read two nights ago, calls upon his readers to stop and think about the ‘what’ instead of the ‘why’.

The article is of course, about the controversial ‘Draw Muhammad Day’.

The article can be found here.


One thought on “What for?

  1. Salam perc, tks for sharing the oprah article on your twitter. I want to share it on my blog too!

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