A passing (kitty) soul

With regards to the orphaned kitten which we sent to the hospital as I have written here, she was just buried in our garden at around 9 pm just now. She died in the hospital earlier on. The vets couldn’t save her as her infections had spread to the whole body and especially the brains. So rest in peace Schwatzy.

On another note, we are dealing with these 3 rascals of a triplet on a daily basis. The children of Tito. They made me laugh and yell and sometimes sigh. But it is always a pleasure to watch their cute antics.


6 thoughts on “A passing (kitty) soul

  1. Laaaaaaaaaaaa sooo cute!!! Nice revamp…i did one too…I was getting bored with my blog. 🙂

  2. Hehe. That one’s name is Eka. Cute kan! Nak tak? I can give him to you in a few week’s time lepas dia dah wean off his mother…

  3. They are just sooo cute! If only I was certain of how the future was going to be I might have wanted to ask you for one of them.. damn…

    Oh, and takziah for Schwatzy

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