Will you?

I love this video. Absolutely love it and JBJ being in it, could have been a contributing factor. JBJ is like wine. Wine drinkers say that wine taste better as it gets older.

I can’t possibly taste JBJ  and I don’t drink, but indeed… he ages, winefully…


4 thoughts on “Will you?

  1. Will I what? Stand by you?

    Ermm…. I would if you promise not to beat me to a pulp (ko kan aikido sifu!) if I nipped food from your plate!! LOL!!

  2. Pat,
    Dah berbuih mulut aku cakap… aku bukan sifu…
    Baru setakat rookie macam kung fu panda.
    Worse come to worse, if you steal my food, I will just.. errmmm sit on you? Heh
    Sure mati kojol punya… LOL

  3. Mati kojol? Heh. Heh. Heh.

    Don’t you be too sure, my friend! Belum tentu lagi, beb!

    For all you know, you might just bounce off my layers of fats and melayang-layang in the air. If you sat on me!! LOL! 😛

  4. Hiya,

    Love this update. Long tall drink of Bon Jovi? Hmmmm. (snicker snicker….).


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