The little one

One of Tito’s baby.

I was running this video when she jumped, and tried to claw on the screen thinking her baby was stuck on the screen!


8 thoughts on “The little one

  1. Miss P!! Tsk tsk… I tell ya, you are definitely plaqued by the *new-mama syndrome*; y’know the kind that has a video-cam perpetually on standby to record the first smile, first baby step, first word uttered etc etc…

    Ermm… while we are at it, errr .. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! Kekekeke… 😛

  2. Pat..
    hahah. I was really quite bengang already with their constant yelling because their mother tak cukup susu and they hate their fomula milk. This was taken when this si kenit refused to drink the fomula milk and then pekik-pekik so fine… I told him, pekik lah ko.. pekik puas-puasss

  3. *melts*

    i love cats, so thanks for putting up this video.
    honestly, before i had my own kid, i treated cats better than kids. hehe.

    enjoy the tiny mews many times over cos itteh bitteh kittehs grow up really quick!

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