Sunday mate

I am not proud to say that I spent my Sunday morning spying on the copulating activities of a couple. But that’s what I did anyway, all for the sake of science. When one is an educator like myself, we can never resist collecting teaching materials as and when the opportunity arises. So, meet Mr and Mrs Frog!

Guess, which is Mr Frog and which is Mrs Frog?

Mr Frog looks kinda… err ..nevermind!The egg casing which will later release tadpoles

ANOTHER Mrs Frog who had in a low palm tree. Her Mr Frog jumped off before it was done and left her alone here to settle her mess! (How typical, no? :P)Preparing to leaver her ‘nestling’ till it releases her tadpoles later

Like I said, all for science, ok?

Lam Peng Kwan would be so proud of me.


16 thoughts on “Sunday mate

  1. Salam,

    I love your nature updates, very ummm… up close and personal? Heh!

    I would hazard the girl frog is the one at the bottom?

  2. I have done the same thing once πŸ˜› Its interesting! For the sake of education, I learnt that the frogs kick their legs with some secretions to make that foam – always wondered how that happened.

  3. Andrea,
    Any slower, I can make it to National Geographic. Heh…

    Yes you are right πŸ™‚

    I took a video of exactly what you wonder, I will email it to you once I’ve uploaded it k πŸ™‚

  4. Oh gosh! That’s amaaaaazing! I once saw a pair of butterflies copulate ( I figured what else could they be doing, positioned like that) on my office window. Lasted for 1.5 hours.

    How long were the frogs doing it? Hehee..

  5. Rozas…
    LOL I dunno.. I didn’t stay that long because I don’t want them to get agitated or feel disturbed. After all, I was encroaching into their privacy… tee hee

  6. Norza,
    I got close enough, then I use macro.
    While praying an ardent silent prayer they won’t get agitated and jump on me. That would be like a scene out of Ali Setan. πŸ™‚

  7. Jemput lah makan.. hehe
    But personally, these photos aside, HE is so great that even small creatures like these, HE created with great beauty and intricacies.. as slimy as mr and mrs frog is, I find their body patterns drawn beautifully!

  8. minah,
    err, entah… I also dunno what kind. But cantik, seriously the female frog is quite handsome looking.. and the male frog, what a nice guy.. he didn’t mind bigger plus size women hehe…
    no wonder they say the frog prince is charming πŸ˜›

  9. Hi!
    First things first, awesomely beautiful photos!

    Secondly, I *just* had to leave a comment, cos of “Lam Peng Kwan” hehe. So you were one (of many ** girls) who were lucky to have Mr Lam as your bio teacher. The rest of us just knew Mr Lam as the author of the bio Os text. When I asked my best friend what’s it like to have *the* Lam Peng Kwan as her teacher, she was just so blasΓ© about it lah.

    And yes, he’d be so proud you. heh.

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