In ward

The long and short of it, Tito had birth complications last Sunday where her uterus ‘terburai‘ after her last push for the 3rd kitten. And yes, yours truly was again, the midwife who went through it with her all night long. I should get a certificate of feline midwifery already, no?

We rushed her to the pet hospital where the vet looked in disbelief on how her uterus could have been pushed out like that. Monday was her major operation, unfortunately the uterus couldn’t be put back in, so they removed her whole womb. Excessive lost of blood prior to and during the ops made her need blood transfusion which was done on Tuesday.

Yesterday when I visited her at the hospital, she hasย stabilized, has begun eating and nursing her kittens despite still hurting and high on antibiotics and painkillers. When I walked into the ward, she gave a loud meowwww that made both myself and the (very awesome) vet laugh. She is on the road to recovery, we hope.

Tito’s hospital ‘bed’.. she’s still on drips and I think that is for monitoring blood pressure…

When I called out to her… she responded with a loud meowww… perhaps trying to tell me hospital food is blergh and she wants to go home…

On drips. She’s very well-behaved. Not once she tried to tear this away from her leg…

Looking at her surgical scarLooking utterly bored…

This whole incident costs us perhaps an equivalent of a ย trip to Jakarta/Chiangmai (airfares+food+acccomodation). But we reminded ourselves that HE has promised that if we take care of HIS creations, HE will take care of us. So these are all, as they say, our ‘saham akhirat’.



14 thoughts on “In ward

  1. CC,
    you never fail to amaze me with your view of the world. Sometimes we forget that even the smallest acts of kindness (what more the big ones) to even the meanest of God’s creations means a lot. I am compelled to remember the tale of the woman who went into the well to fetch the stray dog some water…

    Sometimes I am brought to tears of shame for how jaded I have become… It’s just when life throws you many curveballs you tend to start only looking out for you and what’s yours. To the extent that you become so blase about the other things in life.

    Sometimes we just need that little reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. CC – there’s actually a reason for that.. One that I have kept quiet form some time, but I guess I can talk about it now.

    About 3-4 months back (I think it was), Biscuit went out for his daily romp, and never came back. I don’t know what happened, whether he got hit by a car, got chased by dogs, got catnapped… It was a bit hard to accept, but we have to move on…

    Wherever he is, I hope he is in a better place, or a better home.

  3. Saya bersama Pertubuhan Kaum Ibu Kucing-kucing Malaysia Bersatu berbesar hati menganugerahkan Puan Percicilan Sijil Perbidanan Kucing.

    Tito and her kittens are very fortunate to have you.

  4. Kak Siti,
    LOL ๐Ÿ˜€
    Just fetched all of them back from the hospital and now I am dealing with 3 formula-fed kittens yang so hyperactive bila tengah menyusu semua diaorang sembur-sembur habis semua my baju kena susu… haizz sabar.. sabar..

  5. kesian nye…!! i physically felt my heart skip a beat reading abt tito. i hope she’s well on her way to recovery. but u’re doing a fantastic job caring for her *thumbs up!* as my mum would say, ‘bertuah nyeee kucing!’

    ps. looking at tito i realise she looks just like yuki, albeit with a different coat colour!

  6. Miss P, err… I have a confession… don’t scold me arr! Uhmm… I don’t like cattsss!! … wait let me re-phrase that .. I don’t like animals, period. Never was and never will be an animal lover. Heh.

    But because I like you, though, hehe..and I know how much you love Tito and her troop, I pray for her speedy recovery and complete healing to take place sooner than expected.

    May God bless you and your husband abundantly as you continue to (sacrificially) be a blessing to others – Yes, even 4 legged furry family members! LOL! Cheers mate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nymph..
    Your heart skipped a beat eh? hehe
    I dah melalak kat hospital time dia kena operate tu sib baik takde orang (except the vet n e nurses n of course my husb!) nampak… buruk sey.

    Now vet suruh feed si kenit-kenit ni every two hours…my schedule semua dah terbalik. 1 kitten takes 10 min at least to drink, ni 3 ni? Heh takpelah cobaan..

    Yuki dah kawin belom? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Pat,
    Tak lah won’t scold you heh… animal caring is not for everyone pun…
    Either a person likes animals, or not. Nothing wrong with not liking aper..
    And thank you for your prayers… aku dah jadi surrogate mak kucing ni. Tak tau siapa yang kancheong dulu, aku ke Tito… hehe
    Aku tgk si Tito ni relax jer, aku yang menggelabah. chet.

  9. Poor tito..she is so pretty and calm…it must be painful for her ..i mean the operation n birth with all coming out…kesiannyeee. hope shes up and about soon.

    so u have triplets to look after now….better push back your plans to have your own for awhile….:D

    I can imagine how much it cost you ….wah….just to vaccinate our cat n regular check ups pun we are complaining ..sigh..Doctors are all the same!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. baru nampak gambar after so long reading ur tweets abt tito. u have such a good heart. ๐Ÿ™‚ i cried myself for hours when my pet hamster died due to sakit, i tink…nak antar vet pon tak sempat.

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