The long and short of them all…

Although in the last 14 days, I have been so busy training daily as our sensei-s and fellow students from Jakarta were here, I have also been busy hopping from one new eatery to another. Oh well, our dojo gang brought our guests to around the Klang Valley for good eats, and I feel like sharing some of them here. I wouldn’t call it food review per say because I don’t have the time to go into great details about the taste and services, but an overview of what I felt when I was at these places.

First stop, Pasta Zanmai in Midvalley. My first time there and I swear to be back for more. I love the fusion of Japanese and European food, and what is more important, they do their pasta to the perfect al-dante, which not many places I’ve been to can get that exact pasta texture which I like.

Image taken from

I have posted my own pic of my order of Pasta Zanmai pasta here before but I think this one will do more justice. There were arrays of pasta– squid ink, salmon fish roe etc… all done in the Japanese way, but with basic ingredients of spaghetti and olive oil. Delicious and they don’t give one the ‘a tad too full’ feeling- the kind you get after a heavy creamy bomb of Italian pasta. And oh, the desserts were awesome too! My new favourite is Matcha Tiramisu– Green Tea Tiramisu with red bean paste as topping.

My other virgin visit was to The Loaf at Pavilion, yeap that bakery/cafe by Tun Dr Mahathir. I went there with Sensei S, on the afternoon of my birthday. Supposedly an all girls time while our husbands were at Friday prayers. Although on most days she does not consume red meat, somehow she was enticed by this pic of Lamb Kofta from the menu and ordered for herself…

While I had some tomato pesto pasta. Our desserts were tiramisu. I was a tad disappointed because after all the reviews I read, the food from the cafe was nothing to shout about, really. Because I have tasted better Kofta elsewhere and better pasta elsewhere too. And the tiramisu was just weak, which couldn’t beat the one at Alexis. BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT. Their breads, danishes and other pastries were to die for, really! Especially their chocolate tarts! So here is the tip. Go there for the bakery stuffs but you can get better cafe food elsewhere!

The other new place we tried is the Hokkaido Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Jalan Ipoh. Well, when we arrived, we were surprised at the crowd. Every other table was pre-booked. I asked the husband, ‘Does this remind you of Chai Chee Seafood we took you to in Singapore?’ Indeed, he saw the resemblance. But it stops there, I personally feel. The food was good, no doubt. But I still feel it lacked the oomph Mak’s Place or ChaiCheeSeafood offer.

A must have at this place is the Fried Fish Roe. I loved it. The rest are just nice and delicious but not too fantastic.

When my parents came, we booked for a table at the Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel. I love the buffet spread and the service. The buffet offers a wide array of dishes which were lip smacking good. However, the desserts were mediocre. But it didn’t matter because after binging on the so many different kinds of starters and main courses, it left extremely little room for desserts. My father and I shared a personal favorite from the buffet, this crab meat nasi goreng. Delicious!

My ‘high on sugar hyper’ mother tipped the Melthing Pot’s acapella band to come and sing me a birthday song, and I almost wished I was swallowed by batu belah batu betangkup. heh. Paiseh, ok! But the staff of  Concorde Hotel was swift to react with a complimentary birthday cake, much to our surprise!

Oh well… :)))

There were more places– TGIF at One Utama, Kanna Banana Leaf etc… But those are not new to me like these places were.

Just re-looking at these photos is making me burp. Go try them!


13 thoughts on “The long and short of them all…

  1. OMG Ms P!!! (O.O) Mak ko ni kan… cukup terror-menerror laa!! LOL! Siap dia suruh WHOLE acapella band to come sing for you? Kakakaka! I swear if it were me, I would’ve run and hide behind the curtains! 😛

    Btw, you might wanna try seafood at South Sea by Subang Airport or Lala Chong@Kayu Ara. The food’s not bad, and it’s halal too.

  2. Pat…
    Memang sungguh paiseh! Like I said, I wish there was batu belah batu bertangkup, langsir tak cukup beb. The whole Melting Pot then knew it was my birthday LOL. Tapi nasib baik, soon enough mak aku ter-distracted by the fact that director Yusuf Haslam came to sit at the next table keke.. after that she left me alone… LOL

    Ok I will try South Sea first. Dekat sikit… Baru berazam nak diet. Buruk liao ( aku, bukan ko.. heh)

  3. Ko buruk?! Biar betul, babe….. you aikido sifu what….mesti la well toned, fit and *ahem*…. super hawwttt!!! 😛

  4. Dear Ms P,

    Happy belated birthday. Luckily it was Melting Pot and not, Hard Rock Cafe. They would have made you stand on the chair with a balloon in hand while everyone.. and I mean, EVERYone, serenades the birthday song to you.*laughs*

    But I agree with you on The Loaf. Cafe is overrated but the breads… OMG! to die for!

  5. Dear Andrea Whatever,
    Yes you are right. Luckily it was the melting pot and not HRC. Although it was already bad enough.

    p.s I found a name for your new friend.

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