That thing we did…

The aik/ sem.i.nar organised by our dojo was an awesome success. The hours passed by like minutes and before we knew it, the day was over. But it’s not over for our dojo gang, cause sensei will be here for two weeks, which means two solid weeks of daily training. Which means we are not going anywhere for my birthday/wedding anniversary this year but the dojo. Not a bad idea after all…

The full day training whizzed by just like that. But although it was exhausting, everyone enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And of course, I tremendously enjoyed our Japanese dinner with Sensei and the other aikido couple. It felt like a triple date of sorts. heh

My fish roe and salmon pasta. Simply speak, delicious!

The accidental extra order, which was packed for somebody’s lunch for today..

My current favourite, Matcha Tiramisu with red bean paste. This one, I have to say is too lovely. Like LOVELY !


5 thoughts on “That thing we did…

  1. Hi Miss P, speaking about food, remember you recommended us to Bumbu Desa at Novena? We LOVED it!! The food is so yumms…and the sambal? It is to die for! Hubster and I went there twice in 3 days….LOL!

    The Ayam Panggang Bumbu Desa & Ayam Panggang Makasa is da BOMB! And yes, its coming near us soon!! woooohoooo!! Can’t wait…(supposed to be opened in March@The Curve, but its now delayed…aisehman!)

  2. Ya ka?!!! (O.O)

    We went to make our rounds last week, tak bukak pulak!!

    Adoi!!! Habis bankrap laa kita orang makan! LOL!! 😛

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