Peel it layer by layer

I combed the world wide web and my recipe book dungeon for a cake recipe. Not any specific recipe but a cake recipe. Because my parents are coming in ten days time and I need a recipe. The pretext of it is of course, parents are coming so it would be nice to bake a cake for them. I did find a cake recipe which I really like and I am ready to paint the kitchen red. Of course, still on the pretext of it would be nice to welcome my parents with a cake.

Shall I venture to dig deeper in? Whom am I trying to kid, really? Beyond the pretext, I do actually acknowledge that this is not about my parents, nor the cake. It is about me trying to prove to them that I can bake a cake.

Beyond the pretext, the core is always about myself, really. Or rather – that ego thing I have. The basis of all my actions and reactions, unfortunately.

Hence a red velvet cake it shall be, the inflating agent to my big E.


2 thoughts on “Peel it layer by layer

  1. I fear for you now. I can picture it in my head, written big and bold right across your cake – “SEE? TOLD YOU I COULD BAKE!!!”

    kakakakakaka! 😛

  2. Ha ha Pat…
    Knowing my mom, she will turn it around with,
    eleeh you got my genes that’s why.
    I can never win with her liao. Never.

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