Time’s Up

When one’s time is up, it’s really up. And no amount of begging for that extra five minutes will do. Just when I was still getting the shock (over the death of Kak Ruby) out of my system, as she died barely ten days since I last spoke to her, I received the news of another unexpected demise.

At around maghrib just now, an sms came in from Jakarta, from our Sensei-S herself, informing us that her mother, whom hosted us in their ( Sensei-S’s parent’s home) has gone back to meet her creator. And that was an unpleasant surprise for me, as we were there staying at their house throughout our training stint in Jakarta.

She was fine, cheerful and such a lovely gracious host, who cooked us delicious Javanese food. She was always watching sinetron, before we left for training she was already watching her sinetron, when we came back late at night, she was STILL watching her sinetron. Our parting shot was that she gave me a nice batik nightdress from Yogja. And she bade us farewell with ‘Nanti ketemu lagi yaaa!’

Yes Tante. Insya Allah nanti kita ketemu lagi, di Padang Masyar. Saat kamu nanti dihitung amalannya, akan ku menjadi saksi yang kamu telah  melayan kami, tetamu mu yang datang untuk menuntut ilmu dari anak dan menantumu, dengan penuh hormat dan seikhlas hati.. Dan untuk itu, kami doakan kamu ditempatkan di antara orang-orang yang soleh dan dikasihi…



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