That Lukman in question

It’s 2.50 am. And I am still working. But at this moment, I was getting a bit tired of editing my work and M.Nasir’s Akar-Kita song blasted as my companion through the night. I’ve listened to this song for years and have tried to decipher the lyrics in many ways but only tonight, through it, I learnt about a personality of the past.

Akar kita
Akar kita

Harus menjalar dalam dan jauh
Bicara sang pohon keramat tua
Kalau mahu matahari
Menimbah karunianya

Langit tinggi lagi jelas pandangan
Mudah baca cabaran mendatang
Mudah buat perkiraan
Matang dan tepat kesasaran

(Hujan tak datang)
(Langit kontang)

Hati tak resah atau rasa gundah
Bila jejari membenam ke mata air
Itulah pesanan Lukman
Pada putranya di waktu duha

Dia pergi mencari suara emas

Akar kita
Akar kita

The whole lyric is very poetic. But I am more interested to know about the Lukman in it. The one who gave advice to his son ‘di waktu duha’ ( in the mid-morning). All along I had suspected that it would be Luqman al Hakim (and I found out tonight that I was right ) but only tonight’s snooping around led me to find out more about this small built woodsmith who was famous for his advices to his son, Ibnu Katsir who later went on to be one of Islam’s greatest scholars and learned man.

I found the list of the advices of Luqman to his son here. May her soul be blessed for sharing.

Now my playlist is playing BonJovi’s Always. I don’t think I need to wonder which ‘babeyyy’ he is serenading about. Some blond of the season, perhaps.


2 thoughts on “That Lukman in question

  1. I’m a big fan of M Nasir’s works, and I must say that I actually learn a lot of new words and like yourself, look into historical/cultural references mentioned in his songs 😛 Back in my teens, I only learnt about fansuri through his song.

    My favourite mention of Lukman Al-hakim is the anecdote of his walk with his son on a donkey, and passersby kept giving contradicting comments on their treatment of the donkey (who to ride, whether to ride, etc).

    And of course now that you’ve juxtaposed this with BJ’s Always, I can’t stop laughing! JBJ pun my favourite tau 😛

  2. Ovenhaven,
    Ya I like him too (BJ) tapi kan… him dgn M.Nasir 2 worlds apart lah kan.. heh macam if you Put Martha Stewart next to Chef Wan 🙂

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