Goodbye, Kak Ruby

Ruby Ahmad February 4 at 8:41pm

Oh wonderful to hear that.

2010 has been extra good thus far, Alhamdulillah. Somehow, pintu rezki buka dengan lebih baik & I am pleased.

I just read her pm to me via Facebook again. I find it quite hard to believe what happened. Sometimes she smsed to ask how we are doing, sometime calls, sometimes we chatted for so long the hours seemed like minutes. She got easily excitable over simple things and she was always chatty. She laughed at my wedding pics when she was at our place and she was one person who always had something good to say about someone, no matter how much of an a** the rest think of the person.

But yesterday, she was gone, leaving this world forever. And I can never ever be more shocked.

Dear Kak Ruby,

Thanks for all your help for us here, like a real fairy god-mother. Thanks for fussing about our existence here. Thanks for your advice and bright and cheery mannerism. Goodbye and may Allah bless you for all that you have done in this world.

Al Fathehah for Kak Ruby Ahmad.


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