Organised Mess

We have a mezzanine floor which is basically part of the attic. We turned it into our working area. And just a few moments ago I was bored with work so I took some shots around where I’m always at, during working hours (yeah yeah my office where I work is just upstairs from my living room :)), OR during non working hours when I’m just hanging out in my own lala land of cyberspace.

From where I am now.

Work matters

Our sty/library- in which I am planning to camp tonight, can you tell?

More work matters

I chose the colours, can you tell? And oh my Rapunzel window from which I yell “PHONEEE!!!!”

My *cough*neater corner. Heh

Err.. his corner. Can you tell?!?!

The time out bed (now a dumping zone)

So basically, I was bored with whatever I was working on. Ok now back to work! :S


8 thoughts on “Organised Mess

  1. dumping zones?…..lucky u dont have kids YET!

    i like the door colours :)) n the lepak area. and your swedish..whateve u said..heheh

  2. Zurin,
    I colour coded the house. Rose pink walls for kitchen, cool blue for room, green for toilets and windows yellow. LOL
    Macam kat kindergarten kan? But somehow it all turned out cool. At that time my landlord was our friend so he left it to me to do ‘anything’ i want to do to this house….

  3. Norza,
    The shelves of books is good if we are staying put in the house for a long, long time hingga ke anak cucu. But the problem is we keep moving so they became our bane. Ni kira 3/4 jer. We have an empty room downstairs which house the other 1/4… imagine our moving logistics..

  4. *ahem*….ma’am, I can actually see you in one the pictures. Can you tell? heh heh heh!

    Considering how ridiculously hot the weather had been, nasib baik you had something on! 😛

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