Let’s talk about Cake

I have not been domestically inclined lately, since the beginning of February. Too many things are going on for me — basically work related and other things I’ve committed myselt to achieve by the end of the year, like the ability to swim, advance a few kyus ahead in aikido and the ability to drive. I’ve committed myself to swimming lessons once a week, and extra training sessions for aikido. I have yet to register for driving, but it will come, slowly but surely.

In bookshops, I used to find the recipe book section having this uncanny magnetic pull towards me. I know I don’t need anymore, but would impulsively come out with one more or two more brightly coloured ‘ang-mohfied’ recipe books. It was a dangerous addiction, because they collect dust and I am allergic. That, or the fact that I hardly try out the recipes in them, choosing to simply ogle at their colourful photographs wondering when will the day come when I can take photographs as beautiful as those.

Recently, I did however try a cake recipe.

I had my silly moment of buying the value pack ‘2 for the price of 1’ tubs of yoghurt from VillageGrocer. Being a typical kiasu ‘from the island down there person‘, I thought I would save a considerable amount of Rm if I were to do that. Well I did. But the goondo me didn’t see that both tubs of yoghurt expire on 8th March 2010. And I bought them on the 2nd of March.

So lo and behold, on the 10th March, I felt like having some yoghurt and I knew I still had one tub left. Then I saw that it was bloated. Still sealed but bloated like a mini inflated balloon? Then I scanned through and saw that the expiry date was on the 8th. Dang!

So now what? I was not about to waste it– no way hosay. Yoghurt is already fermented milk is it not? Hence it is already bad milk is it not? So I decided to make yoghurt cake. If anything goes wrong, it would just be just the husband and I with tummy ache. I could deal with that.

I used the organic soya bean flour I found in the larder. Another impulsive buy, attempting to be healthy (konon!). I found Australian Tatura butter in the fridge which I must have bought since…(oh gawt.. I can’t remember when.. maybe late last year?). I had some kampung eggs in the fridge bought from the day before and I found a yoghurt cake recipe from the recipe book dungeon in my house.

The product was 40% disaster 60% edible. Soya flour is coarser and heavier  than fine white wheat flour. I didn’t know that. Hence the recipe called for some tweaks to be made. And instead of half a cup of yoghurt, in my attempt not to waste it–put half a tub of expired (and quite smelly) yoghurt instead. I cut down on the sugar but added bananas which were going soft due to under-eating (well there’s only 2 of us and the bunch was a big one). I didn’t have any vanilla essence left and that proved to be so wrong. Kampung eggs and expired yoghurt made the mixture smelly like no other. I dipped a finger in. Usually, I relish the taste of sweet pre-baked cake mixture. This time I nearly puked. It tasted blergh.

Ok. Firefighting time. I sat and thought for a while. It was smelly, yes. And probably because of that it tasted yucky? I don’t know. But then I saw peppermint essence at the corner of the shelf and I thought, that should do. So I added a teaspoon of it. And half cup of milk since the mixture was so thick and hard. I then poured the mixture (which looked uncannily like the mixture for cekodok pisang/jemput2 pisang/lempeng)  into the baking tin. Then I was afraid it would still taste yucky. So I grated half a block of white chocolate and sprinkled all over it. Finally, I threw chocolate chips all over.

The recipe said baked for 50 minutes for 175 deg. I set the oven to just that. If gardeners speak to their plants, I did likewise to the cake mixture. Before putting it into the oven, I said ” I know it is not an ideal situation of existence for you, short of important ingredients and made up of smelly yoghurt, but when I put you in there, please just come out nice and edible so I won’t waste whatever I made you with.. please???’ Loony. I know.

45 minutes later, I went down to check on the cake and oh my gawt! It was dark brown and 40% away from being burnt.

I took it out, cooled it. Later on, I cut it into squares. I took my first bite. Well, it was, as I hoped for–edible. It tasted like a cross between lempeng pisang and jemput2 pisang cut into squares with a strange peppermint taste and a sweet chocolatey top. Strange but edible. Just like how I asked it to before I put it the oven. It listened, I guess. heh.


9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Cake

  1. LOLOL ….hehe….i hope u did nt get a tummy ache.
    shd have taken a picture. but good try and very brave of you!

  2. Zurin,
    Heh..no tummy ache, thank God.
    And I never did tell the husband the whole story. He just ate it and even brought a tub to work and shared with his colleagues, who can’t actually define cake apa tu? ehhe

  3. And oh! Takde gambar sebab time tu camera in e car which the husband took to work. Kalau ada mesti dah tangkap gambar post kat sini, the accidental yoghurt cake.. heee

  4. LOL! That sounds like me actually when I do venture close to the oven to bake “something”.

  5. Please don’t EVER attempt to have a conversation with whatever you’re baking, when your students are within earshot, or worse, their parents! ..tsk tsk tsk … LOL!

  6. Pat…
    Well.. at least it’s cake.
    Andrea has this hallucination about talking cupcakes and cat? Tu lagi parah.. LOL
    ooops is she reading this?

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