Pizza on Flat Lebanese Bread

I read somewhere once, that you do not meet people. They are sent to you to fulfill their roles upon you at that particular point of time. Even for people whom you have known for a long time, their roles upon you (and you upon them) will only be fulfilled when the time is ripe. Good or bad. The good for our benefit, the bad for our learning– (which at the end of the day is still to our benefit.)

For example, sometimes you seem to have known someone for the longest time, and then after some time, they drift apart or lose touch. That means they no longer have any beneficial value upon you or you upon them. Likewise, someone you have known for only a short while leaves such an impact upon you. That means, the person was sent for a specific function for that specific reason at that specific time.

Today, I remembered the lesson above. I cannot remember where I read about it, or perhaps it was not even from where I read but from lessons from my teachers (was it aikido? or was it sunnipath? or was it from the Sunday classes? bahhh can’t remember!).

Anyway, today I said a prayer of thanks for a group of wonderful ladies whom have been sent along my way, for teaching me the meaning of total selflessness. Most I have known for a long time, one I’ve only met this year. But I have been observing and learning from them every step of the way since we began giving our services to the orphanage/halfway home, which another dear friend of mine, Haslina aka ‘Senah’ alerted us to. And selflessness was the perpetual lesson I kept learning from them week after week.

So dear ladies, you know who you are. As you all are very well aware of, I am a very ‘bo-chap’ person, so I can’t see myself giving out dainty tea sets and pink roses and sweet thank you cards (ho ho ho :P). But you do know that from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate whatever you people have been doing since the beginning, for the lessons, for the company, (for entrusting your kids to me to teach– ho ho ho), for the food and laughter and your service to charity.

So as a gesture of thanks, this post is dedicated to you wonderful bunch of ladies (who lunch!) and henceforth, to the existence of this ‘ye ye orh’ blog of mine.  (which I never told any of you because you have seen enough of my nonsense in real life, you need not read about it. Heh :P)

And oh.. about the title of this entry, it’s just what I learnt to make today. From them. Which I replicated immediately upon reaching home, which saved me 45 good minutes of cooking time, which I used to go back to EAT, PRAY, LOVE. I’m so loving this book. Am at the India episode now.


8 thoughts on “Pizza on Flat Lebanese Bread

  1. MaasyaAllah, my sentiments exactly..was saying a very soothing silent prayer(which is still lingering in my thoughts) and it went (still going on) like this..’Ya Allah, thank You so much for letting these amazing ladies be part of my life in this world. Please bless this friendship with Your Rahmah and flourish it with Your love and guidance. Ya Allah, Ya Rahman Ya Rahiim, Ya Qawiyyu Ya Matiin, Ya Samii’u Ya Bashiir, Ya Lathiifu Ya Khabiir, Ya Ghafuuru Ya Syakuur, Ya ‘Aliimu Ya Qadiir…let us benefit one another in this world and the hereafter..Ameen, Ameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

  2. just want to add to tis..
    thk having friends is abt having a connection. for every friend i have, i m grateful for the connection of ideas..the conversations ..that let us learn and grow and share each other’s stories.

    if all the above stop, i think we know then, it’s time to let go.

  3. eat pray love bagus tak? ive heard bout the book…whats it about? i suppose I can google but lazy..takut melarat pulak. n ill be stuck on this seat for too long…heh

  4. Zurin,
    It’s a travelogue. About this writer Liz Gilbert who traveled from U.S to Italy then India and finally Indonesia and the documentation of her travels and her personal issues.
    Very good lah! Tak boleh lepas baca, walaupun keje berlambak.. I mesti nak cari masa nak baca buku ni….addictive, I would say 🙂

  5. Bo-chap?! hahaha… I like!

    Say what? You kept such wonderful jottings (warts and all) from friends? Hmmph….some friend you are! 😛

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